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With pure, bright eyed, smilin' fresh,near teeny beauty Bella exudes LOTS of expressive,tender,yet enthusiastically erotic, sexuality! She has the fulsome, curvy, body of a young nubile nymphette & most importantly she knows how to get down and give it all up to us! She's not afraid to pump her sweet tight pussy & pucker to us like some newbies on VG are. Ohh baby, she knows what she's here get us off! Her persona is that of a shy girl oh so willing to explore her budding sexuality!Earnest clothed wiggles lead to sexy panty pumpin' and pussy strokin' & she's on her way! She pumps her cutey cunny straight to us without fear, sweetly intimating, "Do me Dude, yeah!"I'm caught up in her horny exuberance & when she boogies her lovely plump boobies I'm whoopin' for more!She gives it to me, with bend over ass pumps where her pucker playfully winks at me, "horny spider" lean back pussy pumps,flirty girl dance 'n' prance all juiced by her radiant joyful beaming face.Prime HOT show!!!!
Bella is sweet. Tight little body. I like her because she looks like she's vertically challenged like me. Se're not short we're just under tall. LOL
Bella has the standard blond model girl look that is already very commonplace on VG, so she doesn't add any variety, but this outfit gives her a nice natural quality that suits her. On the task-bar she tried to do all the right things, but seemed very inexperienced. She moved and positioned herself quite well, with a few nice smiles and some fun here and there, although she wasn't very expressive otherwise. There was also an air of nervousness about her and a lot of rather hurried rubbing of her body. Her eye contact was quite good, but she did blink a lot, giving away some discomfort in front of the camera. Pleasant to look at, but her lack of experience negated any real eroticism and the x-rated clip seemed a bit gratuitous rather than very sexy. She tried the occasional basic move on the pole, but a bit clumsily. Her movement around it was varied enough, but seemed rather forced and unpolished. In the standing clips she seemed a bit distracted and her graceless style of movement and striptease had an immaturity about it, which came across as amateurish. A pleasant enough début for Bella, but with too many faults to be a very good one.
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