Bikini Blast

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High Heels

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Watching this lovely performance by Sarka, it makes you instantly fall in love with her. Sarka is a pretty little thing. She has a superb body with natural breasts you just wish you could hold. I love her well groomed pussy and her sexy strip of pubic hair... so so beautiful. I really love this cute blonde. She's won me over. Fabulous.
A slightly more natural look for Sarka here with a nice, if fairly ordinary looking bikini. Not as striking as the red underwear in her first card. On the task-bar, although still apparently lacking some personality, she showed a bit more here than in her début. There were a few more glimmers of smiles, although they mostly seemed kind of half-hearted, but she did a pretty good line in seductive expressions and there were some nice interactive moments. Her eye contact wandered a bit occasionally, but her movement was pretty good. She got fully nude in a couple of clips, but the one explicit clip in the entire show was fairly mild. Although not an incredibly impressive pole dancer, Sarka used the pole quite well, tried a few moves and varied her routine to keep things interesting. In the standing clips, her movement was again varied enough, but wasn't particularly smooth or polished and lacked some sex appeal for me. Both full striptease clips were up-tempo and enjoyable, but nothing really special. A pleasant enough show, but not much of an improvement over her first.
The word that comes to mind in watching Sarka perform is: Refreshing! She has the body and spirit of an 18 year old, and strikes me as being both alluring and fun without the "tease factor". Sarka will have a wonderful future for many years in this business if she wants, and I can see her overtaking the usual favorites in VGHD! Smile, Sarka, and we will smile with you. Now fresh lobsters for everyone!
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