Linda Godeva

Blazing red

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  • Duration: 45 min.
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High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (17)

One of the things i really like about Linda Godeva is the fact she has a smile on her face for majority of her performance.Linda really seems to enjoy herself which makes me enjoy her performance.Her red dress seems to suit her perfectly&her short blonde hair is a bonus. Of course it does not hurt she is so beautiful
I enjoyed Linda Godeva show it is a good show a nice body and legs, with a ass,what made this show so good is that smile of hers in the whole show there is a smile I like that. I did like her dress and color. next card well be just as good.9.5/10 over all for me.
I don't know about blazing, but Linda certainly looks lovely in this card. Not quite as sexy as the outfit in her VG debut perhaps, but the colour and style really suit her. On the task-bar Linda's performance was nothing out of the ordinary for the most part, and was rather mundane in places, although the 3 clips where she came up from behind the task-bar were more dynamic and entertaining. Once again it was her great charm and that gorgeously endearing smile that gave these clips that little bit extra though. Linda's pole routine wasn't too bad for a non-pole dancer, but was nothing special either. She tried a few moves, but with little style or skill. Her movement in the standing clips was again fine if nothing spectacular, but it was her delightful personality and pleasing demeanour that lifted both the pole and standing clips and gave them 90% of their entertainment value and sex appeal. Another good solid show from Linda overall, if not quite as much fun to watch as her début.
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