Venice beach

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High Heels

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Alyssia is beautiful with an exotic look that rivals other girls on VirtuaGirl HD. She has a great, natural body, great eyes, and an alluring combination of beauty. She is an amateur and a little coy and shy, but her performance is very good. The outfit in this card is awesome. It's a great pair of cutoff shorty-shorts, a bikini top and knee-high sandal-heels. With her long, raven hair, that's a great combination. Although Alyssia is very hot, she is missing a certain spark of attitude that would make her something really special beyond her great looks. She mostly does magazine-style moving poses to showcase her body, which is okay, but it lacks imagination.
Alyssia has a very sexy body, and for some reason the heels seem to enhance her sex-appeal for me.
I can only state my opinion on this forum, and I usually agree with the prime reviewers, but with all due respect, I have to disagree with the only other review this model has received in a few points. This is one of the most lovely women I have ever seen. I don't really care about pole dancing, I just love to watch her- she is fluid in her movements, and true beauty in motion. I love the "Daisy May" jeans cut-offs on her! A wonder to watch, and I'm very delighted to have her in my collection. This one is a "keeper" for me!
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