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Let's cut right to the chase... Natalie Mendez is ADORABLE. Her eyes are so big and she just looks so innocent. Yet, at the same time, she has some of the sexiest moves on the cite, and a perfect ass to do them with. Her figure is very hourglass, which is huge for me.
Natalie looks very sexy in this outfit. My favourite look for her to date. On the task-bar her performance had a great deal of charm and seductive sex appeal. Although somewhat slow and repetitive in places, her movement was mostly varied enough to maintain interest and showed off her gorgeous body to perfection. The problem though, was that she seemed rather distracted and hesitant at times, looking off camera and obviously waiting for direction on occasion. Fot me, this spoiled the illusion of a personal performance for and detracted from an otherwise very good set of task-bar clips. Her movement around the pole was sexy enough, but her routine was mundane and she didn't use the pole particularly well, although she did try a couple of rather tentative swings. In the standing clips her movement was fluid and she varied her position, but she mostly just wiggled repetitively and failed to make her routine very interesting. Again she sometimes seemed very distracted and looked away for direction too often. In a few respects Natalie was better here than in any of her previous cards, but overall this is my least favourite of her performances so far.
Natalie Mendes is absolutely gorgeous, and at only 19 years of age has that lovely touch of innocence. I do not think that she knows just how gorgeous she is. She is perfect, and I wish I had known girls like her when I was her age.
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