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High Heels

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From the name you would think this card had a sexy secretary theme, but it doesn't really. Still a nice outfit for Tiffany's 2nd show, although the sunglasses seem a little out of place. Her movement on the task-bar was varied and sexy and she smiled more in this show, although again it seemed forced rather than genuine. Her eye contact was poor and she often seemed more comfortable looking away from the camera than looking at it. Her overall demeanor again seemed rather self-indulgent and her expressions more often than not seemed disdainful rather than sexy. She didn't make any real attempt at pole dancing and mostly just wiggled around while holding the pole, so the pole clips were rather pointless. Her routine in the standing clips was more up-tempo and consistent here, but exclusively performed on one spot. Her full striptease was sexy, seductive and the highlight of the show. A bit of an improvement here for Tiffany, but the show was again rather dull and lacking in charm overall.
I love her eyes and big boobs, but just didn`t like the boots
Tiffany is one VERY SEXY LADY...her body is SMOKIN HOT!!!! her dancing is pretty good and she has some sexy the explicit scenes very hot so I will look at her other cards as well.
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