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High Heels

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Kitty Jane is a welcome addition to VGHD. Being six foot tall, she has wonderful long legs. Her natural breasts cannot be called big or small; they are certainly firm and will draw your eyes. Her eye contact is good, her smile is perfect. While connoisseurs of dancing will be disappointed, Kitty moves well. While there are no bare feet scenes, the show qualifies as full nudity with that exception. The show is a fine production with the new camera and Kitty's pink dress not only suits her, but (unlike many shows) actually appears pink. The pole clips are nothing special and Kitty spends too much time on the floor. The standing clips are better, but again nothing special. Where Kitty really shines are the task bar scenes, which feature some nice close up spreading scenes. Personally, I would have preferred more ass views, say on the task bar on all fours with her arse to the camera. A fine first show, but room for improvement. Recommended, especially if bought on special.
Kitty Jane is simply gorgeous! I can fantasize about her for days! Definitely one of my top five favorites.
Kitty Jane is a nubile goddess! (She got da looks & a bod' dat cooks!) Looks great in this ass teasing,tits flirtin', pinky stripper skirt.She does a nice striptease that showcases her hot,long, luscious body fully & satisfactorily! Love her ThighTwangin'WiggleSway, could watch her sway all day!She gets down, long & erotic, for some good on bar pussy/pucker pumps, spreads,& openings direct to us. Never have enough of that on bar, straight to us, erotic explicit action!She's a happy,erotic, leggy, ass dancer, pleased to be teasing us to eruption. Yet, after her AMAZING strap on action DB's card I expected a bit more explicit here on VG!While she spreads & strokes enough I am saddened that there is no fingering, nice spreads but Totem fades even these too early!Still as I said before, "It's Kitty Jane!" & that's pretty much enough!Sill, lets have her work it to her full erotic potential if the material is available in future cards She is so cute, showing panty peeks as she dances. Sexy!
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