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High Heels

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Beautifull sexy lady....she has a special something. 10 of 10 points
What struck me about melissa is not only her beauty but her eyes, she has the power to see to your soul. The slow & sensual way she moves will bring you to your knees,coupled with her voluptuous body reminds me of a greek goddess whos hold on men was legendary.There are no x-rated clips but with Melissa i did not care. I say whatever the cost get her in your collection.
Melissa's beauty is off the charts! I smile when I see her physique referred to as ,"fat","pregnant" etc. She has the body of a true, voluptuous, curvy woman,so very natural of it's type,& so sexy! She is a Prime example of natural womanly beauty,fit 'tho not androgynously gym-toned lean, but Natural Womanly soft & solid!She has an intense seductive quality to her face. Those "pierce to your soul" hauntingly beautiful eyes above that sensual curve of kiss hungry,cock & clitty caressing,lushly smiling,lips.Her presentation is pure liquid sex, slow grind,SeductoWiggle,that fits her beauty perfectly!When she opens her lips to us & haunts us with open desire in her eyes,Mmmm-YEAH! Nice strip tease!There are, alas, no X clips & her "explicits" are a bit too light, with some of the best,on-bar, pussy poses woefully cut short by Totem editing, and a lack of straight to us, bend over on bar ass & pussy pumps!I feel these should be in EVERY VG card to make it a COMPLETE experience!Mel-10 show 7
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