Jasmine Andreas

White party

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  • Duration: 37 min.
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User comments (31)

I'm not a huge fan of Jasmine be she is so thin but in this white lingerie it all just works ! She is breathtaking in this card !!!
Jasmine's last card and her best outfit so far. She looks stunningly beautiful, classy and very sexy in this white underwear and 100% perfect make-up job. Unfortunately the task-bar performance saw a return to the poor eye contact, and air of shy nervousness of her début, but she was active enough to hold the attention all the way through. Not her very best, but still a pleasure to watch. Her pole routine was graceful and stylish. She used the pole well and performed some quite impressive moves, including corkscrews, swings, scissor kicks and slides. I feel she could be a very good pole dancer with a bit more practice. In the standing clips her movement was smooth, sensual and sexy, with a distinct flavour of the exotic and included a nice sense of viewer interaction. Despite being below her best on the task-bar, Jasmine's utterly gorgeous appearance and performance otherwise more than made up for it. Another top notch show. http://www.v-girls.co.uk/jasminea-reviews.html#a0766
One of the sexiest girls in one of the sexiest outfits. I love the white lingerie and she has some nice fur. Wonderful.
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