Playful Ann

Pacific sun

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High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (56)

amazing beauty....she get´s 10 of 10 points
Playful Ann in her Pacific Sun show is not one to miss. Bikini cards make a situation where's there little left to the imagination in the first place, so the girl is challenged to make a good stripping show. Playful Ann steps up and passes this challenge. Watching her coyly dip her hand into her bikini bottoms with a look of "oh, I'm not supposed to do this" is priceless. Again, her trademark way of licking her lips is a "finishing thought" for anyone who has her cards. Add these to Ann's wiggling her butt for you, and you have one hot show. Even if you don't like brunettes, bikinis, average size breasts, smooth pussies, nor slender girls, I would still recomend this card. At nearly an hour of watching this hot lady, this card is a bargan for 2 credits. Another 10 out of 10
This girl is gorgeous, but her attempts to dance are disappointing. Why put the poor girl next to a pole when she obviously has no clue what to do with it. Stripper poles must be uncommon in Europe because I'm starting to notice a very sad trend. I'm sorry if this seems a little harsh but i'm tired of these super hot chicks getting by with little to show but their cute tits. By the way, don't kids in Europe play on monkey bars?
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