Radiant sun

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Monika is a beautiful girl with a nice body and great smile. She tries a little too hard with some of her dance moves and she is a big over-done with her continual movements and posing in some scenes, but overall this card is a great performance. She has a great face and beautiful smile that really keeps your eyes on her. She knows how to change expression quickly, going from sensual to fun to demure in just a few seconds sometimes. She has a great look that is makes you think of beaches ? Monika is definitely the kind of girl I?d like to sneak away from the beach party with for that little rendezvous.
If you don't have her, you're missing out big time. You need to get her now! She's so hot!
Sexy Godzilla-eyes, Golden Babe, Monika, is back on my bar & I'm fulla Happy Pants Dancin'!She is a truly gorgeous, "girl next door" type of woman, with a natural beauty that makes me quiver within when she arrives on my desktop. She is confident in her sexuality,very proficient in offering us a full menu of seductively tempting & erotically fulfilling actions & attitudes with the ease of a natural flowing expression of Feminine Erotic Temptation!She nails me with those softly intense eyes of hers, then proceeds to wiggle,sway,glide, finger , & lick her way into my core, coaxing out the juices of joy!She spreads on bar, licks her finger prior to sweet finger dipping,goes in for a plunge, then back out, more direct spread & pump, & another saucy lick, then in again...ahhh..Yes! She slow pump leg kicks and I dream her song of cunny goosh! All the while her eyes lock on & say,"You're in aren't ya'?..Ready to unload?" Then that smile, she fingers again & A howling "YES!" A sighing smile!!
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