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This is the best duo I've seen on VirtuaGirl so far. It is about as good a dual dancer performance as you?ll see outside of DeksBabes and includes two very hot, very sexy women. Silvie Deluxe is a favorite because she sports a thin body with large breasts while Monika is a favorite because of her beautiful blond looks and natural body. Together, these girls have a lot of synergy and seem to really hit it off. They make out several times in more than one scene. While they are occasionally distracted by the camera, they are obviously very compatible together and the show becomes hot stuff quickly. You can actually see them self-editing their intentions because of the low-explicit nature of VirtuaGirl HD versus DeskBabes.
Monika is definitely good at duos. Both of these girls are beautiful, hot and professional. Their tongue play, as much as the touching or the eye contacts are perfectly done. The outfits are highly sexy and the clips are hotter and hotter ! I'm never tired of these two !
Monika seems to be very aroused in this scene's. In the pictures you can see her white cum coming out. Sylvie isn't. But you never know with girls, they are still weird creatures that need a "how to use" guide...
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