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High Heels

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Perfect in every way, 10/10
Silvie Deluxe(Deluxe = Quality, Luxury, & Sophistication) is another fine example of what centuries, of different bloodlines intermingling, can accomplish. She has the exotic qualities of a woman, far more closer to Hungary, while keeping those long exquisite lines(and eyes) of a Northwestern European godess...She definetly in my top five, and I can't wait to own all her cards ;) @Pascalwager I agree, the landing stip was a most plesant surprise.
Silvie Deluxe - Deluxe Version Video Quality: Awesome. Face & Makeup: Perfect, Fresh-faced and radiant. (Great smile) Body: Long and lean with natural breasts. (my personal preference) Costume: Nice and skimpy. Movement: Smooth and rhythmic. Explicitness: Hot - long, straight on shots, no panties, and no teasing. Overall: Great Card. A beautiful girl who knows where the camera is and also knows what most guys want to see. A 10/10 keeper. P.S. I Love this girl. She is puuuurfect!
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