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Candy land

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High Heels

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Absolutely stunning!! A natural beauty, no doubt about it. Nice smooth moves...very sensual. And HUGE kudos to Danielle for NOT having a boob job. The only thing I could suggest is she needs to somehow prevent the tan lines above her tits...it takes away. For example, horizontal strips makes a person look wider..while vertical stripes makes them look taller. I think the tan lines make her boobs appear longer.... Just a thought...
Carchro noted in the very first comment of this card that there is a clip (it is a pole clip) that crashes the program. It crashes my entire system! As of this writing, it has NOT been fixed by Totem to my knowledge.
The tan lines, natural breast, no panties on under dress...I just started creaming everywhere and couldn't stop. Seriously this is one of the hottest girls thats been released in a while. Really shows that VG can really exist without all the dildos and finger. Will buy all cards(at full price might I add) Cheapo one ticket buyer but not on this.
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