Chelsea French

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High Heels

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One of my favourite girls from late night British TV, and great to see her here (I won't need to stay up so late now, hehehe) and great image quality too. Chelsea's very hot, but the routine is only ok... All clips start fully clothed in lingerie so it's a slow process to see any nudity. Chelsea can handle a pole as good as the rest (Oo err missus) but this is a very slow-paced routine - great for Chelsea's natural sensuality but not so good if you like dancing to accompany your favourite tracks. Fingers crossed we'll have a more energetic card in future. I've said 8/10 coz while I love Chelsea to bits and think she looks great, the routine is a bit too slow-paced for me and with not as much variation as I'd hoped. Hopefully outfits in future cards are more to my taste (not that there's anything wrong with this card - I knew what I was buying costume wise, but the choice of outfits in the preview video do appear worrysome to any upskirt fan - It'll be a waste of a very hot girl).
Chelsea French is absolutely my favorite VGHD girl and this card shows why. 100% pure sex appeal! I love the outfit and Chelsea's moves are sexy and sensual as always. So far my favorite card of hers.
I liked this show. Chelsea is OK! Wouldn't hurt if she toned up that perty little body a bit. You know hit the gym and move around on purpose and stuff. Other than that ..... Oh dern it I crapped my pants, again. Now I'm sad! Anyways, 8/10
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