Sunny beach

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High Heels

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I'm very satisfied with this card...very cute & beautiful.I enjoyed the photos,videos and the performance.What a beautiful body!...Thanks to One & ALL who made this possible.God be Praised!... and of course I'll continue to keep you ALL close to my Heart(Sacred Heart of Jesus & The Immaculate Heart of Mary) in Love & Prayer.(Love conquers ALL,nothing can separate us from The Love of God,cast ALL your worries on him(Jesus) because he cares for us and always remember that where there is sin there is more Grace).
What a nice model, with great curves and her pussy lips are sticking out at you.Too bad that 15 of her videos are Non Nude the Majority. What a waste.I wish this site would only have nude models..and leaven the non nude shows for some place else...
This is a bit of a departure for Jasmine. She's a bit less theatrical in style here and seems more natural. She also seems to have lost a bit of dynamism though compared to previously ? most noticeable in the task bar clips where she doesn't change position nearly as much as in previous cards. Not necessarily a bad thing since Jasmine comes across as particularly charming here. In the standing clips she also performed very well, but veered a bit towards the theatrical again. Jasmine is certainly among the better non-acrobatic pole dancers on VG, and her pole dancing is usually the highlight of her cards. Here, however, she didn?t really show much of her usual pole dancing ability at all. For any other girl who habitually uses the pole as little more than a prop, this would have been a good performance. For Jasmine though, it has to go down as a disappointment. So I can only give this an 8 for a good overall show, but a below par (for her) display of pole dancing.
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