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Very bealtiful girl, i like her style and a think she is a good dancer. She has a cute face and a nice smile, my favorite girl so far, i wish to see more cards of her soon. Cute girl, nice dancer, i would merry her if i could XD
Along with her teeny prettiness Mirka has what many of the "top" rated girls here do not.Pure erotic sexual commitment.When she's stripping she's here to get you off!!Her looks & body are very "girl next door" & this is so hot as it allows her to seduce with the realism of a babe you might know & not some distant PornaDonnaChicka! She strips with slow seductive rhythms that allow for fantasizing how her body would feel sliding across yours.This card shows her perky teeny babeness as she scampers about in that short frilly skirt.She portrays a teeny babe here,trying out her new found sexuality on you! Building more & more the fantasy that you CAN do her if you want to!She shows you her tits, does a lot of panty tease,ass wiggle.Keeping her stripping style very teeny exploritive,she continues the seduction.Mirka is very effective at this.She looks WAY BETTER than her pics. If you have a teeny babe fantasy & you're not afraid to play with it-HERE'S YER GIRL!"Walk & Sweet" R best,thisgood.
I give this card a 10! Mirka gives me an instant hard on. I especially enjoed when she was totally nude (except for shoes) and turned that naked cute but at me in a sort of doggy position! If Mirka were my study buddy, the Homework would be Hard, because I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes or hands off of her (and probably one other appendage of mine.) Unless the Homework was on the subject of Human Anatomy, Reproductive System, or Sex Ed.; in which case Mirka and I could do hands on exploration, study, and hand on experience. Highly recommend this card. I love the cute outfit she wears and her pussy is HOT!
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