Spanish lesson

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Sarah tries hard in this card and does put on a great show in some of the scenes. Still, her huge scars under her big fake breasts and her inability to really capture the viewer's attention are working against her. She has some good desktop dancing skills and basic pole work. She knows how to be and look very sexy, but she comes off as if she's TRYING to look sexy, which ruins it.
Sarah may have silicon breasts, but who cares when she has a body so hot hot hot. She is a pefect picture of health and beauty. What is there to fault? Nothing. Sarah puts on entertaining performances in this card, but the excitement really does always get back to her great gorgeous body. Really beautiful. And the spanish theme suits her perfectly. Love her.
Just got Sarah. Unfortunately, the fake tits really put me off. WHY, WHY, WHY do girls feel the need to 'enhance' their breasts - they just look ridiculous? I just like them natural. She is a great looking girl with a great body, but with the huge implants (and scars to go with them), it's a big turn off.
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