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Angelique is a beautiful,exciting,explicit and has all the qualilites and moves to be one of the best VGHD girls except her breasts need so enhancement. Once she increases her size Angelique will earn solid 10's, but for me she gets a 9.5.
Beautiful Angelique, you captured my heart and stirred my soul the first time I saw you... You're angelic, indeed. Words don't do your justice. Simply phenomenal. Your beauty comes from somewhere deep inside, your fantastic energy glows from your gorgeous eyes and naughty smile. Your performance is very sensual and sultry, it’s not hard to recognize that you're not only beautiful but talented too. Thank you, Angelique, I'm sending you a big virtual hug... P.S. I love You!
The only other girl on here whose grin is competitive with Angelique's is Ariel, which is saying a lot. Neither holds anything back from YOU. Yes, Angelique could be blessed with bigger breasts, but what she has are not phony and will not fall with age. Great hair and some of the very best moves on VG, what she gives you is enough to get you off without going elsewhere. Buy this card, her best to date.
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