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Susan at Snack Time is one of those girls who give plaid a dirty meaning. It's like you asked your girl to role-play at home, and she got her old school uniform that sort-of still fit. This 44 minute show highlights Susan's pretty smile, perfect eye-contact, and hypnotic swaying. She really nails the "deliquent schoolgirl". There's several good upskirt shots, and it's great to see her gaze locked onto you as she lifts it up. Normal shoes are always appreciated. This slender girl truly is having fun getting naked for you. I always love watching a girl dip her hand down her panties! She's very good at posing eroticly, and it's a treat to see the bottom of her breats poking out under her tied shirt. With Susan's small tight butt, quite small breasts, good teasing and rubbing of her landing strip pussy, you will keep her playing for a while. The pole is just a prop for her, but it's a good one. A negative I can pin down is her doing a "fishface" a bit too much for my taste. 9 out of 10
She's not beautiful, and she has a tattoo. Her natural breasts (always a plus) have great nipples, but even for me are a bit small. However, she has good eye contact, some occasional smiles and naughty looks, and a number of VERY HOT closeups with a lot of touching and playing. Her panty (not thong) fits awesomely well, and highlights her ass and pussy well. If her face were as pretty as her pussy and ass - she'd be a 9+. I like her and am happy to have her. solid 8.5 and worth the price.
I do not get it. She has a slender body, the right colour. Beautiful small breasts with nice nipples. She does nice explicit shows and still I'm not thrilled. What I miss is a nice smile. The only times I see her smile is when she still has her clothes on. That's a real pity, cause otherwise she is gorgeous.
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