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Nice to see that another user did thier homework here. Shabba OWNS a pole dance school so to all you low-raters, the woman knows what she is doing! also, should be noted that Shabba knows what "burlesque" truly means and incorporates that into her shows. all you users under 35 might want to look that term up so you get it! older users like me have always known what Shabba is about. she is above all a permormer, in all meanings of the term. you want in your face porn, there are other sites ( like Deskbabes) that cater to that stuff. Shabba always puts on a great PERFORMANCE, and is probably one of the best pole dancers here! and in my opinion one of the hottest looking all natural babes on here. no phoney tan or "enhancements" here. Shabba is all real and that adds greatly to her appeal with her girl next door looks. if you can't appreciate this woman for what she is showing you here, then don't buy OR rate her. at least not until you truly understand what she is about. nuff said!
You want dancing and pole work? Get this card. Not explicit; another one of the cards that should be labeled just "full nudity". In my opinion, Shabba is better in this show than any other model when it comes to pole work and movement. And, she's artificial boobs or tanning. I just wish she would be explicit. Show us the goods! of the most underrated cards available.
I know that I had written on Shabba before commenting on this card, but it is gone now. Not sure why, as this is a wonderful dancer that looks like she has trained with many of the best actual strip club dancers to know how to meld the pole and stage floor with revealing herself. But she doesn't just do that. She has a full artistic show built around a fitness workout. She does this with each of her cards - something some others do, but not all. For Shabba, however, it is now something that seems natural in her approach, and in this she shows a solid pride in her performance and the tools she brings - including her body. I have over 700 cards now, but the three Shabba cards catch my attention far more than most others, even though I have seen them many times over the past year. She is good - a performer outright.
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