Golden heart

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I hate to admit it on here, but being old enough to remember the go-go girls of old makes this a fantasy card for me, and I give it a solid 10. her style here is slower than in her Sex Trip show, but that just means more close up of that super hot body! this girl is built like a fine sports car with flowing and well proportioned lines. the gold bikini and the bangs take you back to the 70's all the way at the local club, and she pulls it off perfectly. smoldering, "fuck me" eyes, and a fantastic fortune cookie are all this sports model needs for high performance. even down to the "V" shaped hairline above the goods, harking back to when cars had a chrome "V" on the hood to designate a V8 engine under the hood. I would like to take this one for a long test spin around a curvy and fast track, and she has an attitude that says she could take it, and then more. Alexandra is a must have and a keeper in any fine collection.
The first impression I got when I saw this card was “Bond Girl.” Her look, this bikini, and her overall performance are right out of a 1970s James Bond film introduction and you’re just waiting for Sean Connery or Roger Moore to appear on the set. With all of that, though, Alexandra isn’t the perfect VirtuaGirlHD desktop stripper by any means, but she’s got a lot going for her to become so.
I am trying decide whether to move to the Czech Republic or Hungry. VGHD keeps getting women like Alexandra, Zafira, and Zuzanna out Hungry makes the choice harder. Alexandra's first show and as none are miss a solid 10 in my book.
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