Unruly girl

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High Heels

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Trisha as an Unruly Girl gives a stripper version of a schoolgirl. On ample display are her large-handful breasts, normal heels, the whale-tail of her g-string, and lots of playful naughtiness. No complaints of the length (all shows should be more than 30 minutes), nor the flawless eye contact throughout. I recomend Trisha's shows, and her duos with Ariel. This raven-haired temptress does her job quite well, showing off her plump butt and many an upskirt view. She gets such a naughty smile while removing her panties in a no nudity clip. She uses the pole eroticly and a few advanced moves to enhance her show. Her sexy squirming and writhing will keep you watching! Trisha is shaved smooth with a unique tattoo, and not shy about rubbing and spreading her lips. The full stripteases are great fun. Clip 66408 won't work for me, and a few clips are a little repetative, but she's still hot as hell. Trisha's no girl-next-door, she's the hot girl at the strip club. 10 out of 10
Incredible. I love raven-haired vixens. Incredible body, seductive moves, and cute as hell. Her and Tereza together would be sublime. But I digress.. Some have mentioned the tattoo above her naughty bits. Some find it distracting or even let it ruin the show. It is a small butterfly, and it is absolutely sexy. She is one of the sexiest women on the site. Will not disappoint. 10/10. Perfect show in my eyes.
This girl GETS IT...Trisha's card is a 10+... she is not into just sitting there touching herself...all of her routines move into you with perfect rhythm to her dances, staying with each movement long enough for you to enjoy her...she smiles and flirts with YOU through each routine with perfect eye contact...extremely flexible and powerful hips to grind, pump, swirl enticing you to be inside of her...she gets it...she lets you know that she knows what to do and how to please
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