Big cuddle

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High Heels

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As duas vadias são maravilhosas!!! Se ver um cuzinho é bom, ver dois é muito melhor!!! Show 200% explicito!!! 20/10
A Perfect 10 score for a duo card on VirtuaGirl HD is not common. Rarely are the shows very good. Ariel, however, has been in 3 duo cards on VGHD, two of which were with Trisha. I gave Big Buddies a score of 8 and Ariel's duo with Tea a 10. These are, frankly, the highest-rated VirtuaGirl duos I've ever given scores to. This card is awesome. It's about as good as a duo can get without going to DeskBabes. Very hot, but mixed with fun interaction and playfulness to go with it. It's obvious that Trish and Ariel get along well. Both of their duos showcase their comfort with one another and willingness to play tricks and get a little envelope pushing for Virtua Girl. This card exemplifies that and has some hot desktop dancing (literally, dancing together) scenes as well as erotic up close taskbar stuff. Well worth the download. Probably the best duo, or at least in the running, on VGHD.
Unfortunatly, I had to rate this show at an 8, because Trisha brings it down. Ariel is a trouper as always and she does her best, but trisha pulls away in some of the kiss scenes and is clearly not into it nearly as much. Trisha also tends to watch the camera too much, which is ok in a solo show but not in a duo. Ariel seems to carry a lot of this show, and supposedly (according to the intro)Trisha is Ariels girlfriend. you would think then that there would be more closeness and intimacy. this show could have been much hotter if Trisha would hold up her end better. your better off buying one of Ariel's solo shows since she carries a lot of this one anyway.
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