Almost innocent

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High Heels

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Smoking hot girl. The "doesn't enjoy herself" attitude that some mention doesn't really bother me...I've seen much worse from other VG models (Liliane Tiger comes to mind). What DOES bother me are the nude clips...not enough of them, and NO spreading of ass cheeks or pussy lips. This is a definite step backward in the quest for explicit cards. When she is nude, too often she shows us a side view instead of a nice close-up of her pussy or ass. Worth perhaps one but not two tickets. Question...some mention that she will improve with practice. Don't models shoot three or six shows at once? There are three outfits in her video; I assume these were all shot on the same day, and that the other two shows will be of similar quality to this one?
she is stunner!! she gets perfect 10...agree with the other comments... need to dance more...she has the perfect boops...
I watched this card and thought "How could a woman so amazingly beautiful look so timid doing this. Nadine posesses an exotic beauty. Her skin tone suggests Carribean or Greek origin, her face suggests Latin or Gipsy origin, and her hair screams that of South American/Spain. She is fully shaven and in posession of her naturally perfect teatdrop breasts and a cute little apple bottom. Where she falls short is the performance itself. There is no energy. No percieved confidence. No showmanship. A woman as beautiful as she is should ooze confidence not stare off at the gallery looking for cues. Just be beautiful. Just dance. And for goodness sake have fun with it. the best models throw out their fear and just go for it. Look at Bijou. She can't dance to save her life but I'll be dammed if I can't stop watching her, because she is having fun. This performance had the potrntial for 10+ but I am saddened to say I have to give it a 9. Get it for one ticket if you can. (Not very explicit!)
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