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Coconut milk

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WOW This babe is so hot she must be on fire , she is perfection , i have never seen any one so perfect , im in love ,i want her , i want her , i want her .
If your a fan of blondes or not, this chick embodies all a perfect blonde should be. well built, and knows how to tease and smile as well. the outfit in this show contrasts with her tan for one sexy package. you don't get hard for her, your hurting! great moves and natural in her presentations. this and Black Snake both work well for her. not afraid to finger dive either, doing it just enough to be hot but not slutty. this girl cares about the image she projects, and it shows. entertaining and enticing with out being trashy. its clear this girl considers dancing as her art, and not just her job. other girls, take notes.
Very nice, as per usual. I'd love to see her in a duo with Mai, their the most explicit girls I've seen here and with them together we might get to see a good show unlike most of the duos where the girls barely touch and look so uncomfortable together.
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