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High Heels

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Krystel has a perfect body. She is absolutely beautiful, and I am turned on by the stunning colour of her skin. I find it is really important to find a card where the costume really suits the girl. The colour of the dress on this card perfectly sets off Krystel's skin tone. This card and "Vanilla Sugar", are Krystel's best cards.
This is the woman I would want for a lap dance. She knows how to move to turn people on, her bottom curves and moves in the ways you want to see from someone looking to turn you on, and even if she isn't a natural DD, her breasts enthusiastically present happy nipples. While I usually watch the comments and the ratings before getting shows, as Krystel comes up on the 1 ticket offers, she is an automatic selection as I know I will like her even if others don't.
Krystel is one the most underrated girls on this site. One of the most beautiful girls I've seen...and she can move too. Only scored her a 9 only because I wanted to see a few clips of her dancing in that dress without undies. Great girl..great show..more please!!
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