Strawberry time

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (49)

Ting is a very good-looking Asian girl and has a great, tight little body. Her moves are a little off, but she makes up for this by being a little bit explicit in this card. She delivers a good VirtuaGirl desktop routine and shows off her beautiful body well in this desktop dancer card. She is not as appealing as some other girls, however, and seems to be missing that certain spark that great VirtuaGirls have.
Ting's cute and become one of my new favs. She's very sexy, not as explicit as Mia Hilton but still worthy of 2 credits, definitely. Love the strawberry animation, she seems to just know how to make good use of the camera using props that suit the situation, I guess she's professional in that way. The outfit is just one example of this. I don't understand why people complain about props/outfits/uniforms etc, Jesus H Christ, what do you want her to wear ? A Burka ? >:( On a lighter note, the lollipop definitely is sexy. *hint hint* Models stripping AND putting things in their mouths ? I think there's a winner there. ;)
It's a pity. She is so nice in the interview. She looks good has a nice smile and I think she is a kind girl. But then you are dressing her up like a fool. In this show and in 'Majong Party' she looks streesed and her make-up and hairdress is awfull. It is because I've seen her interview that I like her, not for the show
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