Nikita Valentin

Grayton beach

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I have several of Nikita's card and she is a woman that proves age brings class, style, and a performance for the youngsters to watch and learn what men are looking for. She smiles, flurts, teases and gets nasty in a way that makes you feel your the only one she's dancing to. Nikita may be older and slightly healthier (I love it), but her beauty and enthusiasm make her a STAR. Give us more HAPPY DAYS and a she gets another 10X10
Right up front, it should be known that not only is Nikita Valentin a hot blond with big natural breasts, but she’s definitely the hottest MILF in the VirtuaGirl galleries.
WOW!!! There is no way Nikita is 35! I played her card before I read her bio and was so surprised to read that was her age. She is giving the young ones a serious run for their money. Her eye contact with you is refreshing and I love the cute facial expressions she gives you. I completely agree with 'colliedug'...please, Totem, no more Frankenstein shoes for these ladies. Heels are so much more classy and sexy!! I have placed Nikita as one of my favorites and she will be there to stay! No question that she is a solid 10!
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