Mia Hilton

Caesars palace

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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Personally I felt that she deserves better than 8.5 average. I gave her 9, and I'm going to say her facial expressions earned it all. Her dance is somewhat faster than others. If you listen to music with VG, I'd recommand musics with faster beat.
This is the kind of show VirtuaGirl should use as an example. Her show is actually explicit she one of the few models on here that finger bangs in all of her shoes. This one is a keeper. Highly Recommended.
I judge the girls on their outfits AND footwear, how they look both in and out of their clothes, whether or not they even take everything off ((I used to date a stripper. FULL NUDITY requires ONLY that mouth, tits, ass and pussy be exposed.)),how good and fast they are at stripping, their make-up, hair, face and length of show. THIS girl is incredible. She doesn't have a GREAT face but it is definetly more than adequate. VERY,VERY pretty would be the best description. Everything else is perfect. What seals the deal is the fact she can't seem to keep her fingers OUT of her pussy. I swear she fingered herself so much she brought herself to orgasm more than once. Mia is my kind of girl.It's a shame I can't rate her higher than 10. 10 to the 1000th power at least.
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