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High Heels

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Cabiria is very, very hot and I could look at her all day. When I saw her in the duo with Carmen Gemini, it was heaven. Seeing her solo, however, I was disappointed. Like I said, she is very hot, but her moves are only so-so.
I luv when Cabira gets "large on the bar" & strokes and caresses herself in slow seducto moves. She's a full bodied temptress with the ways & means to "invite us all to arrive" quickly & intensely! Her dance is more a show glide & it suits her body & way of presenting herself. She's friendly & saucy with a delightful tease & lots of "please"! I chose to delete that silly clip where she goes crazy a bit, it jars me out of the erotic, playful mood that she creates.Luckily the rest of her show does not descend into "giggle-wiggle" she wisely goes with erotic temptation! Her body is a natural delight,like the babe next door IF you had listened to your Realtor,"Location, location, the hot chick location!" She has a pretty pussy and hot pumps it to us often. I luv her bend over close ups too.She squeezes & caresses those honeydolls like I would if I jumped into the screen.Her overall sexiness is a bit less potent than Zaf, Jana, etc. but she's way more sexy then I thought she'd be! 9
Everything about this card is pretty average; Cabiria's body, her uninspired if not downright silly dancing, her mostly static taskbar clips... And, so, I was all set to give her a 6/10, until I noticed the one remarkable thing: her incredible near 90 degree, right angle arches of her beautiful feet! Too bad she doesn't show them anymore than the few clips that she does... 7/10
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