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High Heels

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Wow, a duo that actually works, and perhaps the only one. the girls genuinely seem to like playing with each other and they do look hot together. still, I had to give it a 9, for lack of real pussy play or finger diving from either one. still, they are by far the best duo on the site and worth the ticket by all means. there is genuine affection between these 2, and some pussy touching would have up the score to 10 easily. Cabiria seems a bit overwhelmed (or outclassed, perhaps) by carmen, and is trying to keep up in a clip or 2. but still the most real I have seen so far.
What can I say? Wow!!!!!! Best female partner show!!!!! Wish I could be the meat and they can be my white wonder-ful breads. Wink!
I am not really in to duos but these two girl work great together one hot show worth the tickets
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