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I have to admit when I saw these 2 beautiful girs together. I could not wait to download. As most people know there is nothin better than racing and the hot women who go with it. After waiting so excitngly to see them you can only imagine how eager I was too see it after opening it up I waited and waited and wonder when is this going to become exciting what a snoozer. Has to be the worst I have ever seen to hot babes acting like little teenagers instead of the hotwomen they are I gave it a six because they are definitly gorgeouse women but together they are nothing but a bore. Great disapointment folks do not waste your time on this one
Bernadette is the nicest girl I ever seen,and this show is the best on this wedsite! I gave Bernadette and Nikky Case 10 points, but if I could, I would give it 20 points, it really worth it!
Bernadette & Nikky Case - i love to watch some of your solocards allready but as such a sexy Duo i enjoy both of you much more! Rating: Theme of the Daytona Card = 10. Outfit the girls wearing = 9,5. Dancing moves from the girls = 10. Personallity while flirting with the audience/camera = 10. TotemTeam - why do this girls perform only 1 show as duo? I would love to see more from them, greetings :-)
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