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Christmas jewels

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User comments (59)

Great girls, great theme, NO ACTION... Very disappointing 4/10
For Nikky Case and Mina with there being two of them,I expected more then that out of them very sexy but they hide thier boobs with there hiar most of the time,and I can see thongs a the beech all the time they need to step it up alittle
Unless you're a fan of duos that do nothing, don't waste your time or bandwidth with this card. This is another one of Totem's "no show" cards. For those of you wondering why there are so many cards with no pussy showing, ask yourself a question. If you pay minimum wage, what do you get? Minimum performance. Even though they're making money hand over fist, I think they're too cheap to pay the models a decent fee, so most don't give their all. Can anyone find a flaw in that theory? One plus for this card: Nikki Case has one of the most exquisite asses and set of hips I've ever seen. It's the only redeeming value of this card. Even so I've deleted it. No point wasting hard drive space. Nikki 8/10, Mina 7/10, the card overall 2/10. Horrible.
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