Keana Moire

First aid

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High Heels
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User comments (75)

Probably the biggest disappoint is this is her only show. Dispite the fact she has no boobs she is very appealing, very pretty, and has a very sexy quality. Unfortunate she is a one show and done performer.
Keana is a real dream girl who puts on a very sensual set of performances here. What an incredible body she has!!!!! Love her breasts. Her legs are incredible. Best legs in the business. Watching Keana perform leaves you mesmerised and wanting more and more and more. Her gorgeous body is unbelievable. Can watch her all day and all night long. And if I took a bad turn, she would be the one girl I would want to administer first aid to me in that very cute nurses outfit.
WOW! Keana is an incredibly beautiful WOMAN! She has a completely sexy self assurance and it streams out of her every move, look, & pose! Her effortlessly beautiful face is amazing in it's serene loveliness & incredible range of cute, knowing, erotic, come on & tease looks she takes so much pleasure in using. Her slim body is a delight with sleek sweet legs that are graceful accompaniment to a hot tang of cookie & a sweet, neat, kissable ass.Her honey buds are electric in their little titty beauty.This woman knows how to infuse her every move with her extreme inner sexiness.It's all coupled with those beautiful looks she gives! Her cookie spreads are so lovely whether covered or honey raw! She induces fantasy desire by drawing you in with those eyes & her intimate moves until you feel on the verge of reaching under that skirt and kissing that cookie cover while she smiles seductively & knowingly, purring above the feast.Not dependent on body type or hype the full woman emerges, WOW!!
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