Sharka Blue

Pacific island

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High Heels

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When are we gonna see Sharka on dbs
Sharka earned her 10 from me. Her perky nipples, little girl smile and disappearing finger between her legs shows she knows how to captivate any woman or man. Yeeeaaaa.
Sharka Blue on a Pacific Island is another great show from this fun-sized blonde. For most of the show she is swaying sweetly and eroticly. This highlights her great gams, lovely smile, adorable face, and juicy butt. Sharka Blue does get more lively on the pole, and the normal style of heels give me nothing to complain about. The length is nice at 31 minutes of watching her start nearly naked and become more so. Sharka likes to blow kisses to you, in fact, she seems to have a bit of an oral fixation! She lost eye contact a bit, but not much. This is like your girlfriend modeling a new bikini. Add in her cute perky breasts, a thin pale landing strip, the fact that she's not afraid to rub herself, and you've got a great show well worth the tickets. To top it all off, the last clip is a great display of masturbation. 10 out of 10
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