Natalia V

Christmas chick

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Lately, I have been comparing my older cards to the newer ones and have noticed some comments about the older cards how stiff and choregraphed the girls were. If you compare the girls today to the ones that had cards first you will see that the girls today dance almost all over the stage. That is because it's apparrent they have a bigger stage to dance on now giving them more freedom to really put a great show on. If you look at the girls from years ago they had a smaller stage and occasionally would look down to see if they were centered to make sure they didn't fall off. When they stepped down and waved good bye and dissapeared they really were stepping off of a small stage meaning they had very little space to be very provocative. although this was something they had to deal with they pulled it off beautifully in most of their cards. Depending only on their beautiful bodies, faces and sexual moves. Wow! their were some real beautiful girls back then. Still my favs! Thank you VG!
O.M.G., she's so cute, I'm gonna die!!! (analogous to movie 'Despicable Me'...)
Note: This is a gap-filling release of an older "missing" card, so it isn't in the latest crystal clear format. Natalia is a lovely, blue-eyed blond who looks a real delight in this Christmassy outfit. This card image has been kicking around for years, so it's great to see the full show surfacing at last. As with many older shows there was nothing explicit on the task-bar, or even any clips that went further than topless. She didn't smile much, but she was pleasantly expressive, engaging and charming, with a pretty good sense of viewer interaction. Although not very active, she did enough to hold attention and the eroticism of these clips was mostly in the slightly mischievous, but very sexy look in her eyes. Although not very proficient on the pole, which may as well have been absent at times, she had a go at a swing and her style of movement was quite fun. The standing clips were the highlight of the show. Her lively, endearing style and lovely personality combined in a heart-warming performance that would leave the most cynical old Scrooge with a smile on his face. I wouldn't say this was a top-class VG show, but it's certainly a very good one. A very nice bonus for the new year.
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