Lucie O

Divine beauty

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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (52)

Lucie O is a beautiful, well-built girl, but her performance is like watching a bored housewife who lost a bet for her husband?s birthday and has to do a striptease for him. Some scenes are pretty good, a few of her moves are good, but overall her attitude is pretty blah and her desktop dancer routines are barely cliche.
Mmmm, this is a beautiful woman. She may not win a beauty pageant, but she's natural and feminine, and makes her beautiful in my eyes. She has a very seductive look in her eyes that entices you into her world and a warm, very suggestive smile that makes you feel there are erotic fires burning deep inside her core. There's no overt explicitness here but by jove, this is a very sexy woman. Her stripping style is unhurried and teasing. I like what she's wearing - it kind of hugs her curves. And yes, she does have lovely curves. Her breasts are pert and sexy, her waist slender, her hips and bottom nicely rounded, and her legs are shapely. She also looks very much in touch with her body and that is always a turn on to see. And I like her dancing - a very sexy wiggle! Those who are turning their nose up at this card wouldn't know a sexy woman if they fell over one! Well done Lucie, pay no attention to these people - just you be your wonderful natural self. 10 out of 10!
Lucy O has haunted my dreams since I was a teenager. I mean that quite literally. I think we all have that image of a perfect woman in our heads and Lucy O was mine. Slow moving with the glow of burning coals waiting to be fanned to an all consuming fire of passion. Her eyes reach into a place inside me that no one else has ever touched. Thank you Lucy O and thank you Totem crew for making me feel like a tounge tied awkward teen once again.
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