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High Heels

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I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong here? Silver is a very pretty, delightful young girl; she’s full of fun and humour with a cheeky smile. She has a great body: nice white skin, mass of jet black hair, firm breasts, fit arse and lovely, long legs, but still she doesn’t do much for me. She doesn’t seem to know how to love her own body or how best to show it off to provoke and arouse a man. Its probably just the inexperience and inhibition of youth – if you give her chance and watch her long enough, you can’t help warming to those cheeky grins.
Silver > why taking such name; this girl needs to learn a lot, such as self-esteem, relaxation, body-language; and attitudes whenever performing. She has a great body and an attractive face that she can use to be a top performer. She just needs some directions to be able to achieve her goals. At present my rating is not around the top marks.
Agree with those who liked her. She is really different with a number of surprises,- the things you are looking for when got a couple of hundreds of regular girls. She is a very stylish in her behaviour and my only proposal could be to add some explisitness. Hope Totem is in connection with all their girls and will bring her for shooting again. It would be a good idea for every girl that when they invited for shooting againg they would appear with some small changes (I mean bold/heary,tanned/with visible bikinis, etc). These simple upgrades improve the exiteness unimmaginable (that is like meeting your former beloved girl with some new secret under her dress). Enjoy and take care of each other.
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